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Match reports


Team Europa - Finland https://play.staylive.se/UVM-Lidkoping/w/90137

Russia - Sweden

Finland - Russia https://play.staylive.se/UVM-Lidkoping/w/90191

Sweden - Team Europe https://play.staylive.se/UVM-Lidkoping/w/90223 

Sweden - Russia Final https://play.staylive.se/UVM-Lidkoping/w/90249

Match reports:


The game between Russia and Team Europé ended 6-0 to Russia. Russia more or less controlled the game but without realy come to there best level. Team Europe surprised many with an agressiv and firm defense. Player of the match in Russia was Nr 7 Mikhail Shirshov, for Europe Karsten Lansing. 

Sweden – Finlandwas a game with high pace and two teams that where eager to score. Finland started with doing 1-0 after just 2 minutes. After that Sweden took over the game and when the first half ended Sweden was in the lead 3-1. Second half Sweden won with 4-2, Finland suffered of two penalty in the second half and that effected the strive to reach Sweden. Player of the match nr 10 Arvid Tapper in Sweden and nr 1 Lasse Korhonen  in Finland

Team Europe-Finland started of with Finland led the match and did have the best chance to score. Finally they managed to score their first goal and after that they did two more goals before the halftime. For the second half Team Europe played much better and did threatened Finland and managed to do the teams first goal in the tournament through Preben Elger after that Finland scored two more goals and won with 5-1.

Russia - Sweden,a very intense game. However Sweden started best and scored after 4 minutes. Then 1 minute later they even did their second goal, it casued the Russian manager to take a time out. After the time out Sweden did their third goal, which was the result in halftime. For the second half the Russian team where more aggresiv and the further the game went the closer they came to score, so in the 44 minute Russia score buy nr 10. Then 11 minutes later the Russians did their second goal and at that point Sweden had real problem with Russia. But Russia never maneged to do a third goal before the time was out, so Sweden finally won with 3-2.

Sweden - Team Europe: Sweden going out the first half with very High pressure and manage to score After just 3min by nr 20 Rasmus skarps. Sweden manage to control the game even with a man short After a rough tackle by nr 2 After 20 min. They have 5-0 going into the second half. Sweden comes out strong even in the second halv and scoring 4 goals in the first 5 minutes and controlling the rest of the match witch ended 14-0 to team Sweden. Player of the match nr 10 in team Europe christopher tufte and nr 10 in Sweden Arvid tapper. 

The game between Finland and russia starts with a high tempo and physical play. Russia takes the Lead 9 minutes into the game by nr 23. Russia have most of the ball but Finland defence is really Good. The half end 1-2 to russia After a masstake by the goalkeeper in the very end of the half that results in a direct shot from Number 23 in russia that finns the net. Russia come ou

t strong in the second half and did 3 goals in 4 minutes . Russia owned the second half from start to end. The game ended 1-7 to russia. Player of the match was number 9 in Finland and 23 in russia. 

Sweden-Team Europe a game with a high pressure from Sweden. Sweden dominated the first half. Several crucial saves from Mathias in Europes goal led to a half score of 2-0 to Sweden. A strong second half from Sweden where they got better results on their chances with 6 goals. Player of the game: Sweden nr 24 Ludde Bjernulf, in Team Europe nr 1 Mathias Amlie Sandvik

Russia - Finland tight and tough forts half with a total of 7 penaltys. Team Russia took
the grip with a 2-0 lead but Finland reduced to 2-1 nicely through No. 11 and tied to 2-2
before the break. In the second half, Russia took control of the match early. With 3 goals,
all on corners within 7 minutes. The final stage of the match offered a lot of freestrokes
and Russia's No. 10 punctured the match with a penalty goal to 6-2

Player of the game in Finland nr 1 Lasse Korhonen, in Russia nr 21 Andrei Busygin

Finland - Team Europe 3:d price.

First half

Finland started the game by putting high preassure on team Europe forcing them be very defencive.
With The first goal to Finland it looked like team europe was going to crumble, but with a fast
tie goal team europe was back in the game.
With some fantastic goaltending by Mathias Amile Sandvik (team europe) with not only one but two
penaly saves.
With Finland continuing to play agressive and creating many great scoring chances the first half
ended 2-2

Second half.
Once again Finland was the better looking team throughout the second half and eventually scored
some goals to take the lead. Team Europe created some scoring chances but could not withstand
Great effort by both teams and congrats to Finland to the bronze medal 

Sweden - Russia Final:

First half

The final between Sweden and Russia started of in a very high tempo. Either team hungry to score the first goal Russia gets it first. Sweden keeps in fighting and gets the reducing goal. Although Russia had four penalties they manage to win the first half with 1-3

Second half

Team Russia starts the second half strong by scoring 2 fast goals. Sweden takes a timeout and shortly after scores.
Russia takes control over the game and scores again (5-2)
Team Sweden continues to push forward but in unable to score
Congrats team Russia to The gold medal!







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